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fairness in following the rules of the game

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Two participants indicated that displaying poor sportsmanship is part of being a fan.
It was) probably beginning as a joke rather than anything abusive,'' Ecclestone said in a radio interview, pointing to poor sportsmanship rather than racism by Spanish and Brazilian fans.
Opponents, sadly, showed poor sportsmanship in not having sympathy for the Romanian as they waited, and waited for his return with concentration and rhythm vanishing like puddles in sunshine.
While those helmers may have had their reasons, within a few years, poor sportsmanship became the chief reason.
How can we expect youngsters to learn the values of hard work and honesty when they see their idols grinning after their latest con, or disguising petulance and poor sportsmanship as 'attitude'.
Brown said he was proud of Young for answering questions about his disappointment honestly instead of providing a cliched answer, even if his comments have been construed as poor sportsmanship by the media.
In response to recent incidents of poor sportsmanship, Florida education leaders and the interactive publisher Learning Through Sports are teaming up to teach third- through fifth-grade students in Florida how to play nicer.
One thing led to another and I think I displayed some poor sportsmanship, because my grade went from an A to a C overnight.
But for one of their officials to come out last week and make remarks about two of our players showed poor sportsmanship.
Further bad blood was created by claims of poor sportsmanship by Russia, who would not return the ball to Wales after a hold-up when flares were cleared from the pitch.
He added: 'I know I will get into a lot of trouble but it was poor sportsmanship really at the end of the day.
NO pushing, shoving, name-calling or poor sportsmanship of any kind will be tolerated.
The only thing that annoys me is the continual moaning and poor sportsmanship of Rangers fans.