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condition in which swallowing is difficult or painful

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67%), Dehydration (60%), Poor feeding (40%), abdominal pain (33.
Poor feeding in families due to high commodities prices in most markets was also part of the poor performance of the pupils, stressed the senior education official.
If anglers encounter conditions where deep water offers poor feeding opportunities, bass may be lurking ultra-shallow.
This is especially important when other threats like cool weather, poor feeding and predation put stress on a colony.
The following day, because of concern about the possibility of more widespread RSV infection, RRADT was used to test nasopharyngeal swab specimens from neonate B, aged 1 month, who had resided in a different hospital room in the NICU and had developed an increased oxygen requirement, apnea, and poor feeding that day, as well as from two asymptomatic neonates who were hospitalized in the same room with neonate A; all three were positive.
This, he said not only encompasses maltreatment, poor feeding, denial of proper habitat but also include carrying-out business related to sale and purchase of animals and birds without proper license issued by concerned authorities.
1,2 Respiratory distress in the newborn may present as apnoea, cyanosis, grunting, inspiratory stridor, nasal flaring, poor feeding, tachypnoea (more than 60 breaths per minute) and intercostal, subcostal or supracostal recessions.
In a young child, the clinical pattern of wheezing and hyperinflation is diagnostic and typically starts with an upper respiratory prodrome including rhinorrhoea, low-grade fever, cough and poor feeding, followed 1-2 days later by tachypnoea, hyperinflation and wheeze as a consequence of airway inflammation and air trapping.
Some are, Abdominal pain, Clumsy child, Gait abnormalities and limping, Poor feeding in a baby, and many more.
Heart failure in infants is mainly seen as a failure to thrive, with symptoms presented including poor feeding, poor weight gain and chronic breathing difficulties.
Action Against Hunger (ACF) is implementing Maternal Infant and Young Child Nutrition (MIYCN) Programme in Dadaab, whose primary goal is to reduce morbidity related to poor feeding and hygiene practices among the refugees populations.
In a cohort study of 838 women from a program for pregnant and lactating women exposed to drugs and other substances, 2 of 12 mothers taking TMP/SMX reported poor feeding in their infants.