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Is the guy who tags along with Traveler on the USC sidelines also responsible for following Snoop Dogg with a pooper scooper?
Rumours abound that Charlize once hired a full-time pooper scooper at pounds 10 an hour, after Stu refused to pick up after their four pooches.
Dan O'Neill's just a party pooper and doesn't deserve his nickname ``Kairdiff Kid''.
That's how much it will cost Coventry to employ a pooper scooper task force, whose members will patrol highways and byways.
If the fee was substantial this could also be used towards paying for the pooper scooper brigade by the local councils to catch ignorant people who think it is OK to let their dog foul our parks and pavements.
Dogz offers all the joys of owning a pet, without the need for a pooper scooper.
Memorial Meatball Golf Tournament, another highlight of the event, involves participants taking a bowl of meatballs and a clean pooper scooper to one of the ranch fields.
I was interested in a recent letter (Party Pooper, 16.
I believe it's time to employ a pooper scooper again to keep the streets free of dog dirt.
I DON'T like to be a party pooper but, for once, I couldn't agree more with the bureaucrats of Brussels.
I don't see the mounted branch carrying pooper scoopers or being fined either.
It's all outdoors and usually hot, so wear sunscreen and comfy shoes, and bring a pooper scooper and leash for your dog.
It's to encourage people to be more responsible for their animals and includes a two-hour written examination followed by a practical test where owners have to prove, among other things, that they know what the wrong end of a pooper scooper looks like.
So well done, Limerick City Council which is providing 5,000 pooper scoops free of charge to the city's dog owners to encourage them to pick up their doggies' doos.
Regina Peruggi, head of the Central Park Conservancy, wields a pooper scooper in Manhattan's famous park, and Eric Bonnot, chief of Burger King UK, slings patties and drains fries.