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Identification and biological notes on the species of Neochetina (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Bagoini) that attack Pontederiaceae in Argentina.
Species of Megamelus Fieber (Hemiptera: Delphacidae) associated with Pontederiaceae in South America.
Among which Poaceae family had the highest number of weed species (12), followed by Cyperecae (10), Pontederiaceae (2), Convolvulaceae (2), Rubiaceae (2), Onagraceae (2).
Britton POLYGONACEAE Polygonum punctatum Elliott PONTEDERIACEAE Eichhornia azurea (Sw.
X Rumex venosus Pursh X PONTEDERIACEAE (Pickerel-Weed Family) Zosterella dubia (Jacq.
In the development of the aerenchyma of the expansigeny type, found in the families Polygonaceae and Pontederiaceae, the expansion of intercellular spaces originates gaps without causing collapse or cellular death.
Delarbre 35 Pteridium aquilinum Polypodiaceae Dhekia shak 36 Eichhornia crassipes Pontederiaceae Kochuripana (Mart.
Some species are oligolectic on Ipomoea Linnaeus (Convolvulaceae) or Pontederiaceae and some have long tongues with hooked hairs for pulling pollen out of the flowers (Michener 2007).
395 Polygonaceae Polygonum barbatum 396 Polygonum celebicum 397 Pontederiaceae Eichhornia crassipes 398 Proteaceae Helicia cf.
In regard to floristic richness of the diaspore bank, the most representative families were Cyperaceae and Poaceae, with three species each, followed by Polygonaceae and Pontederiaceae with two species each.