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United States coloratura soprano (born in France) (1904-1976)

a band of nerve fibers linking the medulla oblongata and the cerebellum with the midbrain

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Recorded information included the location of the primary pons infarction divided by different arterial supply regions (paramedian, lateral [ventrolateral and dorsolateral], tegmental, or mixed region); plaque formation or stenosis at the basilar artery (BA); the timing of WD of the MCPs detected by MRI; and the signal features of WD on different MRI sequences and other secondary changes in the brainstem.
I knew that I had more errors in our first game than I had points, that was my worst game of the season,' said Pons in Filipino.
PBMs are able to do all of this in a health care landscape that has changed profoundly over the last several years--and continues to change as companies respond to market dynamics," said Pons.
In February Pons Aelius made their first overseas appearance at the Rauland Internasjonale Vinterfestival in Norway where they played alongside folk acts from around the world.
Pons and the rest of the Counties set-up were taken aback by the welcome they received.
Pons is as Moseley as they come, brought to the club as a five-year-old and but for a brief dalliance with Coventry, he has remained there ever since.
There were no major interactions, fifth form to first team was very segregated and very few got to cross that divide," Pons said.
In addition to the PONS editorial staff, the Online Community also helps to continually expand the user's vocabulary.
23 May 2011 - Spanish leading savings bank Bankia said on Friday it had hired Francisco Verdu Pons as its new chief executive officer (CEO) ahead of its planned listing.
With: Maria Molins, Roger Coma, Fernando Guillen, Albert Perez, Anna Azcona, Oriol Tramvia, Marc Cartes, Merce Pons, Boris Izaguirre, Oscar Rabadan.
COVENTRY flanker Ben Pons has been given the all-clear to continue playing rugby and has signed a new contract to remain at the Butts Park Arena for a second season.
Pons (Instituto de Automatica Industrial, CSIC, Spain) compiles 10 chapters by scientists from Europe who discuss mechanics, biometric and bioinspired design, cognitive and physical human-robot interaction, technologies, kinematics, dynamics, and control.
Gregory Pons has greatly improved on the idea of an individual scrapbook.
Arsenal boss Wenger's Spanish scouting network has unearthed another potential gem in 15-year-old centre-half Ignasi Miquel Pons.