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an electrolyte of high molecular weight

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Particle reinforced polymeric composites, also known as GPACs, which contain degraded residual glass containing a silicious layer that reinforce the polysalt matrix for improved mechanical properties, have also been studied for fluoride releasing capabilities, but these studies have been performed on commercial products10 only and thus there is room for studying the inherent fluoride releasing phenomenon.
Analysis of the obtained K and [[lambda].sub.0] values of the chitosan films of both molecular weights (Table 2) showed that the optical rotation of the films made of chitosan as a polysalt or a polybase was caused by the contributions of optically active chromophores with different locations of their absorption bands: [bar.[lambda]].sub.0] = 265 nm (CTS-87) and 200 nm (CTS-640) for acetic chitosan and [bar.[lambda]].sub.0] [approximately equal to] 150 nm (CTS-87) and 100 nm (CTS-640) for basic chitosan.
It was suggested that the solid polysalt improves the mechanical properties of the vulcanizates (refs.
According to the previous FTIR analysis, we can assume that polymerization of NaMAA occurs during vulcanization, and the polysalt generated is distributed in the form of rigid particles.
Moreover, the presence of electron-dense (dark gray) zones in the majority of the polymer matrix (M) in Figure 5 was probably due to the formation of a polysalt matrix when metallic ions reacted with PAA.