Polypodium vulgare

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mat-forming lithophytic or terrestrial fern with creeping rootstocks and large pinnatifid fronds found throughout North America and Europe and Africa and east Asia

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Reticulate evolution in the Polypodium vulgare complex.
Phylogeny, divergence time estimates, and phylogeography of the diploid species of the Polypodium vulgare complex (Polypodiaceae).
On Figure 4 are presented the fluorescence spectrums for Common Polypody (Polypodium vulgare) eleven years after NATO bombing.
Tipo II, Polypodium munchii, tambien presente en las especies europeas del grupo Polypodium vulgare (P.
Polypodium vulgare 'Cornubiense' has finely cut fronds, making it a valued addition to collections.
On submitting the material to (AP) and (GP), their diagnosis resulted that the Maltese material correspond to a new taxon at subspecies of Polypodium vulgare as explained below.
Photocontrol of spore germination in Polypodium vulgare. New Phytol.
henriquesii, Oxalis acetosella, Polypodium vulgare, Sanicula europaea, Saxifraga spathularis, Stellaria holostea, Teucrium scorodonia, Vaccinium myrtillus, Viola riviniana).
Roedd yr eithin yn ei flodau a rhedyn a'r llawredynen gyffredin (Polypodium vulgare) ar y dde wrth i mi basio Tan y Banc a chroesi'r lon fawr.
Un rhedynen oedd yn amlwg iawn oedd y llawredyn cyffredin (Polypodium vulgare; polypody), ac roedd darn o un hen frigyn lle''r oedd nifer o rai ifanc wedi dechrau tyfu.
pubescens, Dryopteris affinis, Dryopteris filix-mas Euphorbia amygdaloides, Euphorbia hyberna, Hedera hibernica, Hyacinthoides non-scripta, Ilex aquifolium, Lilium martagon, Melittis melissophyllum, Oxalis acetosella, Poa nemoralis, Polypodium vulgare, Polystichum aculeatum, Sorbus aucuparia, Stellaria holostea, etc.).
ulmifolius, Polypodium vulgare, Holcus mollis, Blechnum spicant, Dryopteris affinis, Solidago virgaurea, Oxalis acetosella).
Ultrastructural changes in rhizome parenchyma of Polypodium vulgare during dehydration with or without abscisic acid pretreatment.
The evergreen species of asplenium and Polypodium vulgare are at home in dry shade, while Dryopteris affinis, also known as the golden male fern because its golden leaf midribs contrast attractively with the pale green young leaves, tolerates sun and is fairly windresistant so can be grown in more exposed sites.