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small class of marine mollusks comprising the chitons

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An Eocene articulated Polyplacophora (Mollusca) from the La Meseta formation, Antarctica and the stratigraphy of the fossil-bearing strata.
New Mississsippian and Pennsylvanian Polyplacophora (Mollusca) from North America.
BRYOZOA, STENOLAEMATA HETEROPORIDAE Heteropora alaskensis Heteropora magda MOLLUSCA, POLYPLACOPHORA ISCHNOCHITONIDAE Callistochiton gabbi Ischnochiton acrior Stenoplax magdalenensis Stenoplax sp.
The collection of the primary types of Polyplacophora in the KwaZulu-Natal Museum consists of 13 holotypes from the southeast African coast from Nacala Bay (Nampula, Mozambique) to Table Bay (Western Cape, South Africa).
2011) is also in favor of a monophyletic Aplacophora that is recovered with Polyplacophora as a Glade we call Aculifera.
Polyplacophora species richness, composition and distribution of its community associated with the intertidal rocky substrate in the marine priority region in Guerrero, Mexico.
Clase POLYPLACOPHORA (Gray 1821) Orden NEOLORICATA (Bergenhayn 1955) Suborden ISCHNOCHITONINA (Bergenhayn 1930 Familia ISCHNOCHITONIDAE (Dall 1889) Subfamilia LEPIDOCHITONINAE (Iredale 1914) Genero Lepidochitona (Gray 1821) Subgenero Lepidochitona s.
Gastropoda: Prosobranchiata: Rhipidoglossa, Docoglossa, Tectibranchiata, Polyplacophora, Solenogastres, Scaphopoda.
Malacofauna marinha da regiao costeira do Canal de Sao Sebastiao, SP, Brasil: Gastropoda, Bivalvia, Polyplacophora e Scaphopoda.
A review of molluscan cytogenetic information based on the CISMOCH computerized index system for molluscan chromosomes, Bivalvia, Polyplacophora and Cephalopoda.
Along the molluscan line leading from the aplacophoran to the conchiferan clades (all molluscs that arose from a shelled ancestor), the Polyplacophora (chitons) occupies an intermediate position.
hubbsorum 10 Bivalvia No identificados 4 Polyplacophora No identificados Echinodermata 1 Echinoidea Equinometra vanbrunti 1 Fig.