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a chemical process that combines several monomers to form a polymer or polymeric compound

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Most of these polymerizations take place in elevated temperatures; high initiator concentration and efficient mechanical agitation; indeed, polymerization temperature and initiator concentration are the most important and determining industrial factors which affect the efficiency of methods as well as the costs of the final product.
However, polymerizations were carried out in scCO2 offer the advantage of increasing the diffusivity of monomers into the growing polymer particles to maintain a sufficient rate of propagation, which in turn effectively facilitates the gel effect.
Handbook of transition metal polymerization catalysts.
Lau's presentation, scheduled for Tuesday morning, April 13, is entitled "Frontiers in Emulsion Polymerization for Coatings.
A series of styrene polymerizations were performed varying the TEMPO to BPO ratio from 0.
Although this has long been the expectation of most miniemulsion polymerizations, hard evidence is scant.
As part of our continuing quest to produce new materials for future Xerox materials applications, we were intrigued with the idea of developing a new way of performing free-radical polymerizations.
Ficel AZDN (azobisisobutyronitrile), azo-polymerization initiator, provided for free-radical polymerizations and unsaturated polyesters.
Controlled and Living Polymerizations in Water Towards Sustainable Solution Polymerization: Biodiesel as a Polymerization Solvent
2] nanoparticles [19-24], Inspired by thiol-lactam-initiated radical polymerizations in which lactam forms a deactivating persistent radical, similar to TEMPO [25, 26], Lim coated ZnO, [Fe.
The discuss the kinetic model and special characterizations of radical polymerization, chemical structures, detailed mechanisms of action for polymerization pathways, chemical initiation by nine medals, as well as organics, metals and metal-containing compounds, and provide quick access to important properties, structural information, and practical data on monomers and polymerizations in a special chapter.
Significant progress has been made to develop a generalized model capable of representing multicomponent high temperature acrylic polymerizations.
9), polar modified polymerizations of 1,3-butadiene allow for a wide range of heterotactic vinyl enchainment levels.
Living/controlled radical polymerizations provide significant advantages in the control of polymer resin microstructure compared to conventional radical polymerization.
2] constitutes another important parameter that affects polymerizations.