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The most commonly observed families at this site were Asteraceae, Boraginaceae, Commelinaceae, Convolvulaceae, Cyperaceae, Onagraceae, Poaceae, Polygonaceae, and Solanaceae.
199 of 331 documented species) and the sites referred to above, are the Apiaceae, Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Caryophyllaceae, Cyperaceae, Fabaceae, Lamiaceae, Plantaginaceae, Poaceae, Polygonaceae, Ranunculaceae, and Rosaceae (see Appendix 1).
Plantaginaceae Herb 61 Podophyllum Podophyllaceae Herb hexandrum Royle 62 Polygonum Polygonaceae Herb amplexicaule Don 63 P rumicifolium Polygonaceae Herb Roy 64 P viviparum L.
En el muestreo total, las familias mejor representadas fueron Asteraceae (24 especies), Fabaceae (15), Poaceae (10), Rosaceae (9), Polygonaceae (8) y Myrtaceae (8), y los generos mejor representados fueron Solanum (4), Prunus (3), Rumex (3), Acacia (3), Vicia (3), eucalyptus (3) y Ficus (3) (Tabla 1).
Lamiaceae Iguilan MonninaobtusifoliaKunth Polygalaceae Acedera Rumexacetocella Polygonaceae Lengua de vaca Rumexcrispus L.
X3726 PE 92 PERACEAE Pera bicolor X3649 PE 15 PHYLLANTHACEAE Hieronyma X3635 PE 01 alchor- X4539 85 Gutierrez (025489) neoides X4540 91 Gutierrez (025492) POLYGONACEAE Ruprechtia X3712 PE 78 ramiflora Triplaris X3687 PE 53 caracasana RUBIACEAE Bertiera X4226 3937 Breteler guianensis X4230 4045 Breteler Chomelia X4228 4017 Breteler venezue- lensis Genipa X6675 874 Marcano Berti americana Posoqueria X4223 3706 Breteler panamensis X6674 871 Marcano Berti Rudgea X1854 4016 Breteler crassiloba RUTACEAE Zanthoxylum X3655 PE 21 rhoifolium SAPINDACEAE Billia rosea X1845 3961 Breteler Talisia sp.
0 of which density of Spilanthes oleracea in the family Asteraceae, Polygonum hydropiper in Polygonaceae, and Phyllanthus fraternus 4in the family Euphorbiaceae was 0.
a xeric under-utilized shrub of Polygonaceae, dominantly found in arid and semi-arid region of Thar Desert and offer green advantage to desert in extreme adverse climatic conditions.
X Plumbaginaceae Plumbago coerulea Kunth X Polygonaceae Emex spinosa (L.
Platanaceae 55 Polygonum acuminatum Kunth Polygonaceae 56 Polygonum arenastrum Boreau Polygonaceae 57 Polygnum equisetiforme Polygonaceae sibth et sm 58 Polygonum persicaria L.
In the development of the aerenchyma of the expansigeny type, found in the families Polygonaceae and Pontederiaceae, the expansion of intercellular spaces originates gaps without causing collapse or cellular death.
Other plant families used by the TMPs were the Acathaceae, Arecaceae, Bromeliaceae, Malvaceae, Polygonaceae, Rutaceae, and Verbenaceae families.