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having more than one spouse at a time

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The fact remains that man is by nature a polygamist.
Up to 150,000 polygamists live in the United States as outlaws on the margins of society.
It's bound to make for shocking viewing, interesting as it is, as the polygamists allow us access to their rites, rituals and everyday lives.
Eric Hawkins, a spokesman for the mainstream church, said polygamists, "including those in reality television programs,'' have "no affiliation whatsoever'' with the church, "despite the fact that the term 'Mormon' is sometimes misleadingly applied to them.
Members of the Williams family are among an estimated 15,000 independent polygamists in the West who don't belong to an organized, fundamentalist Mormon church.
As they dig deeper into the litany of evils perpetrated by polygamists, critics almost invariably mention a problem far less intuitive: tax evasion.
The addictive King Con depicts a variety of fringe characters, from polygamists ("Sister Wife") to rowdy Amish teens ("Run Rumspringa") to pop-culture obsessives ("Velvet Elvis").
There are also stories of corrupt Cheshire police officers, polygamists and mass murderers.
Dad has been saying "forget it, forget it" since he became involved with the polygamists out of Short Creek.
But the government has now decided not to prosecute the two polygamists, Winston Blackmore and James Oler, leaders of a polygamous sect in Bountiful, B.
However, tour operators hope to show the public that polygamists are actually peaceful people, with Richard Holm and his brother Heber being among those launching the tour.
There was no tsunami of public opinion against the polygamists.
From a cell in the Purgatory jail 10 months after his arrest, fundamentalist Mormon leader Warren Jeffs is still God's voice on Earth to thousands of polygamists in this isolated community.
So-called progressive lawyers can now turn around and use the same legal briefs to argue that polygamists are being discriminated against because they cannot legally wed in the state of California.
Concerns about creating legal problems for FLDS members who are identified in Adams' stories are mostly alleviated, she says, due to the stance by Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff that he will not prosecute polygamists.