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having more than one spouse at a time

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But Frank Leslie's thought that, instead of merely dissolving, Brigham Young would direct his persevering followers to escape with their substantial financial resources and establish an "independent Polynesian polygamic kingdom or empire" in the Pacific, where Mormon missionaries already had a presence.
Alexander, "Federal Authority versus Polygamic Theocracy," Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 1 (1966): 85-100; Alan Haynes, "The Federal Government and Its Policies Regarding the Frontier Era of Utah Territory, 1850-1877" (Ph.
A Mormon Nation--A Polygamic Polynesian Kingdom," and "Monogamy v.
The next Peter Bell was he Predevote like you and me To good or evil as may come; His was the severer doom,-- For he was an evil Cotter And a polygamic Potter.
Continuing with his story, Abanes concentrates on familiar anti-Mormon themes, including blood atonement, polygamic abuses, mistreatment of women, Danites, the Mountain Meadows Massacre, racism, and celestial sex.