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Polyergus is a biologically and behaviorally interesting genus of ants whose members have no worker caste, but rather have a well-developed soldier caste.
The genera Harpagoxenus, Polyergus, and Formica sanguinea, which are obligate social parasites, were not considered in these analyses, because, as in other "dulotic" social parasites, Harpagoxenus, Polyergus, and F.
So reports Howard topoff, a psychologist at Hunter College in New York City, who has been analyzing the behavior of the western slave-making ant, Polyergus breviceps, in an Arizona mountain desert.
A single Polyergus colony may steal as many as 30,000 Formica pupae each year.
Specifically, egg-laying by workers has been found in parasitic species of the genera Chalepoxenus, Epimyrma, Harpagoxenus, Leptothorax, Myrmoxenus, Protomognathus, Formica, and Polyergus.