political commissar

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an official of the Communist Party who was assigned to teach party principles to a military unit


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Stepping menacingly in the direction of the voice, the Politruk snapped, "I'll get your food ration stopped if I am interrupted again.
Slutsky, a member of the Communist Party and of the Soviet Writers Union, who served in the war as a politruk or political officer, was no dissident, though a great deal of what he wrote "for his desk drawer" and of what was published after his death was in fact very critical of the Soviet regime.
Enchmen's highest rank in the Civil War military was that of Senior Politruk, that is, a political officer (Avtobiografiia).
During World War II, Enchmen served in the Red Army as a Senior Politruk, but was discharged in 1942 for reasons of health (Avtobiografiia).