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1996) observes that, while rational choice scholars produced convincing sounding accounts of the breakdown of the USSR after it occurred, it was politologist Helene Carrere d'Encausse (1978) who predicted it the old-fashioned way a decade earlier.
The plant won't be built only if no financing is found," said politologist Valer Karbalevich in an interview to Gazeta Wyborcza.
Source: Russian politologist Stanislaw Belkowski in "Ist Putin bereits der viertreichste Mann der Welt?
The term transformational leadership was created by the politologist, Burns, in 1978, but was subsequently developed by Bernard M.
Even though, there is a very important current of the politologist, are called the "transitives", for whou this transition of democracy made up in the year 2000, with the electoral victory of Vicente Fox Quesada in the presidental elections.
Tataru-Cazaban borrows the phrase secularisation amiable from the French historian and politologist Rene Remond who employed it as a definition of the relation between the united Europe and religion within the political project of modernity.
The fate of some 150 million people who inhabit the former Soviet sphere of influence in Central and Eastern Europe and who are opposed to Russia's expansion into their territory is of no interest to him (in this he agrees with politologist Stephen Cohen of Princeton University and with journalist Patrick Buchanan).