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Oleg Bondarenko, director of the Russian-Ukrainian Information Center, publicist and politologist, has said that Russian's risk their livelihoods if they seek change.
Oleg Bondarenko - director of the Russian-Ukrainian Information Center, publicist and politologist.
Less state and more free market and deregulation--this is what these economists and politologists consider to be the synthetic recipe of coming out of the crisis which affected Europe and the global economy
Despite all attempts to forestall Russia's colour revolution, it has begun -- Russian-style -- with no state collapse, but with a new articulate electorate, wise to both Kremlin politologists and Western NGOlogists.
Culturologists, sociologists, politologists, philosophers and the representators of the other humanities and social sciences more and more often utter about the globalizing influence of these technologies.
Despite of the scepticism showed by some politologists who perceive information services as instruments strictly serving the Executive Authorities and deprived of autonomous decision making, intelligence' political relevance can be demonstrated not only by appointing former information (3) officers in strategic decision making positions, but also by its capacity to monitor both the open information flow (mass media) and the restricted one (institutions, private societies, banks and political parties data bases) facilitating thus, the possibility to use information as a means of manipulating political authorities.