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a group that controls the activities of a political party


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The crux of the matter is that neither the CHP nor the MHP are effective political machines that work.
What is significant in Kawanaka's study, and in the case of Naga City, is that the use of political machines does not result in the systematic plunder of state resources akin to those who have depicted Philippine local politics as characteristic of a "predatory state".
During the 1980s, the governors' political machines lobbied to expand their control over the ICMS.
In short, the ruling class rules through its members who (1) do the job themselves, (2) hire and fire those who do, or (3) pay for the upkeep of political machines to do the job for them.
6 to tout his now-hot city for the big boys: New York's real estate, financial and political machines.
In a mobocracy, the actions of the big-city political machines would dominate our national elections.
To bring this about, they champion the creation of church-based political machines harnessed to a specific candidate or political party.
Big city political machines thrive on federal grants and state-granted powers.
The exhibit features original poster art and photographs of political machines as portrayed by Hollywood, including such films as ``Advise & Consent,'' ``The Candidate,'' ``The Last Hurrah,'' ``Meet John Doe,'' ``State of the Union,'' ``Wilson'' and ``All the President's Men.
Critics say the measure would not only open the door to political machines operating in churches, it would create a system of unequal treatment between religious and secular nonprofit groups.
Political machines thrive on closed-door decision-making; on K Street, there's no other kind.
Being sponsored and financed by the California Teachers Union, Silicon Valley technocrats and the business round table, these political machines want to shift more of the school construction responsibilities to the local homeowners in order to allow our state taxes to be used for enrichment of the Silicon Valley gurus and for higher teacher salaries.
Perkins and company have used that kind of scare tactic to meld evangelical churches in many states into political machines.