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a coloring material (obtained from lichens) that turns red in acid solutions and blue in alkaline solutions

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There will be no political litmus test in the selection process.
THE POLITICAL litmus test George Bush made famous with the words "Read my lips -- no new taxes" has become operative at the state and local levels.
As congressional and state legislative races heat up on Long Island, leaders of the 60,000 person Nassau-Suffolk Building Trades Council and the Association for a Better Long Island (ABNY) representing some $15 billion in regional real estate investments, announced that their support for candidates this November will be based on solely one political litmus test - their specific program for jump starting the Long Island economy.
The law prohibits the three agencies from knowingly disseminating bad data and bans application of any political litmus test to experts under consideration as outside advisers.
Both, some say, amount to a political litmus test that effectively tells conservative faculty and job seekers who disagree with affirmative action that they are not welcome at the university.
The effort to use a political litmus test in providing Communion is wrong, and the tie to abortion-related issues alone is misguided.
Associations should not and must not engage in a political litmus test every time they fill a senior vacancy.
Marburger, a lifelong Democrat, said his appointment was demonstrative proof that the administration didn't employ a political litmus test before approving membership on government scientific advisory panels.