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a political orientation that favors social progress by reform and by changing laws rather than by revolution

an economic theory advocating free competition and a self-regulating market

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In other words, Buchanan was a classical political liberal.
Greene assesses our claim to be political liberals with respect to "scope" and "grounds.
We claim that insofar as Lloyd and Baehr attempt only to demonstrate that political liberals can accept particular political conceptions of justice that contain substantive feminist content, they miss the full feminist potential of political liberalism as such.
As a political liberal, as well as a design liberal, he is proud of Western democracy and speaks with disappointment of American policy decisions to place all new embassies on out of town sites, and of the mixed messages given by barricaded embassies that--like military sites--are designed to defend and to scare.
A political liberal, he was persecuted by authorities.
Amid all his sanctimonious moralising Coun Hassall forgot to mention that not three weeks ago he was found guilty by the City Solicitor of abusing official council leaflets by distributing them in Perry Barr ward as if they were his own party political Liberal leaflets.
It should be a time of joy for the political liberal who has always prayed for the day when blacks and whites would be equal.
We also need to show that this element of Rawls's doctrine embodies beliefs that the political liberal can potentially share with the theocrat.
An economic and political liberal, he believed that Austrian influence was inimical to the development of a free trade economy in Northern Italy, whilst the influence of the church in many of the Italian states had prevented the creation of secular democratic institutions.
Freytag was a political liberal and was strongly interested in the problems of his day, as is seen in his comedy Die Journalisten ( The Journalists, 1854), which deals with international politics, and his novel Soll und Haben ( Should and Have, 1855) about commercialism.
In my 16 years as a Lane County commissioner, I've never seen a two-year period in which there has been so much reorgani zation, so many resignations of highly placed people, and that the elected board received so little information on why top people left," said Commissioner Pete Sorenson, the lone political liberal on the five-person county board.
A self-described political liberal, in 2003 he opposed the war in Iraq, saying: "You can't beat your enemy any more through wars; instead you create an entire generation of people seeking revenge.
Yet somehow, even though he could fairly be described as a political liberal, he was able to win election after election in a politically diverse district, one that ranges from Yell County to White, from Van Buren County to Saline with the People's Republic of Hillcrest in the middle.
It might surprise anyone who hadn't heard of Flanagan before the flap about this book that she's a serf-identified political liberal who mentions the eminently sensible idea of making a private provision for her nanny and then dismisses it on the grounds that her knee jerks in favor of the current Social Security system's set-aside.
A political liberal, he advocated repeal of the Corn Law, Catholic Emancipation, and rights for Dissenters.