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While it is expected and even necessary that political journalists and politicians perceive each other's goals in antagonist and oppositional manner to some degree (Pfetsch et al.
IoD West Midlands chairman John Rider welcomed the region's senior business and political journalists.
Political journalists are also assuming they are talking to 10-year-olds if they think policy goes over our heads.
In the weeks leading up to the general election, I urge my fellow Wavertree voters to look for themselves at the depth of the knowledge and commitment the candidates show, not just the thumbnail sketches of political journalists.
His spokesman confirmed officially on March 19 at a briefing for political journalists that he would be going for the closing ceremony.
of California at Berkeley that brought together, as in earlier conferences, consultants and staff members who ran the campaigns together with pollsters, political journalists, and political scientists to analyze the results of the election and their meaning.
Trading cards featuring leading politicians have been drawn up by political journalists who have graded each on qualities from parliamentary skill to looks, majorities, charisma and the year they were elected.
We see him fretting about a meet-and-greet with the national political journalists at a swanky countryside villa.
Although [his homosexual activities were] well-known by political journalists, the first article about it did not appear until Hank Greenspun published an article in the Las Vegas Sun on 25 October 1952.
Budding political journalists are to be given the opportunity to show off their talent in a nationwide competition.
One of the most original political journalists of our time, he shed the faux objectivity of the breed and made himself the hip narrator-protagonist in the story.
Campbell's views on national political journalists are well known, but those at the bash were told we were OK because we were a more "civic-minded" bunch who genuinely cared about the industry we covered.
From that cycle to this one, no one development has more influenced how campaigns are run and how political journalists work than the Internet.
While an earlier generation of political journalists wanted to be Reston, mine wanted to avoid being him.
As his remarks, at a lunch for political journalists, began circulating at Westminster, the Prime Minister's spokesman was forced to issue a vigorous rebuttal.