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a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes

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With meticulous re search, he uncovers the man who, at heart, was a political conservative and accommodationist, when necessary a--man who "preached moderation and reconciliation between blacks and their former slave masters.
SOME people might think that going to a political Conservative Party Ball would be a bit boring - but they would be wrong
But my father was a political conservative, and he did not like the liberal tendencies that Alan Alda portrayed Hawkeye Pierce as having.
Similarly, it is misleading to call germ theory, which revolutionized Western medicine and transformed countless aspects of social life (often against great resistance), a "conservative theory" simply because Pasteur was a political conservative.
00--Stewart's purpose is to show that Hume is not a political conservative, but is better understood as a liberal.
McGuffey was a political conservative who supported the Hamiltonians rather than the Jeffersonians; his Readers reflect his point of view.
Rivera explained that "as a single man running as a political conservative, it was necessary for him to appear at campaign related events with a female escortO" Therefore, he claims, the escort's expenses also could be reimbursed with campaign funds.
The topic always has intrigued me because, although I am thought of on my campus as a political conservative, my closest friends consistently have ranged from liberal to very liberal.
An unabashed political conservative who hasn't previously trumpeted his views publicly, he obviously felt a need to tell his followers why he was absent.
What she didn't realise was that John Wayne, an iconic Hollywood cowboy and political conservative, was actually from the town of Winterset, Iowa, 150 miles and a three hour drive away.
Born Yaakov "Kobi" Shimoni to immigrants from Tunisia and Iran, the 31-year-old isn't literally a political conservative, but his message is unabashedly patriotic and nostalgic:
A rare political conservative in the book world, he portrayed communists as villains, and liberals took some hits as well.
Black also has a reputation as a political conservative, having written for such influential American journals as The National Interest and Orbis.
ONE OF THE GRAND architects of an American empire in Iraq and the Middle East is another political conservative, Vice President Dick Cheney.
com, exhorted "every political conservative, every evangelical Christian, every pro-life Catholic, every traditional Jew, every Reagan Democrat, and everyone in between to get serious about re-electing President Bush.