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a group that controls the activities of a political party


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One of the recurring themes in the essays is the argument that political clientelism fosters organizational shallowness of political parties and, as Paige Tan argues, anti-party attitudes.
In other words, it describes a political system which, in addition to its high degree of institutional sophistication, with no room for mechanisms of political and economic coercion, it only has political actors who are so morally aseptic that they do not become involved in political clientelism, vote buying, electoral system alteration practices, influence trafficking, contracting kickbacks, bribery, payoffs, and looting of public resources.
Private Patronage and Public Power: Political Clientelism in the Modern State (New York: St Martin's Press, 1982).
6) The most accurate description of the za'im/zilm, leader versus supporter or follower relationship comes from the work on political clientelism in political anthropology.
From the client's point(s) of view": How poor people perceive and evaluate political clientelism.
The Underdeveloped State in Tropical Africa: Political Clientelism or Neo-patrimonialism' in Clapham, C (ed).
For example, he argues that "the horrifying events of genocide and massacres in Africa today can be traced and related to a pre-colonial design of the state and how juggling ethnic identities became the means for managing political clientelism and manipulating national resources at the behest of the colonial regime" (p.
Tinoco says that the emphasis on personal loyalty to the FSLN's traditional leadership generates political clientelism and opportunism on the part of people who see their participation in the party as a way to launch a political career.
In addition to the discussion of prevailing theories for Shas's party success, the paper theorizes how the success of Shas can be regarded and tested as a case of political clientelism, manifested through the provision of services by the party's publicly funded education network, the Wellspring of Torah Education.
The HZDS-SNP coalition, which engineered the break-up of the country, has revived the nomenclatura system of political clientelism and imposed an authoritarian type of control over various public bodies.
Hall, "Patron-Client Relations: Concepts and Terms," in: Friends, Followers, and Factions: A Reader in Political Clientelism, Eds Steffen Schmidt et al.
It is, however, undeniably risky to use the concept of political clientelism to frame the study of the construction of the right to associational autonomy.
Even the military promised to rid the country of corrupt politicians and yet there was an increase in political clientelism during the military period.
The literature on political clientelism has been marked by debate on the degree to which material exchange in contemporary political affairs is based on mutually beneficial exchange, or remains fundamentally asymmetrical, marked by a client's dependence on, and obedience to, a patron.
Therefore, an analysis of contemporary political clientelism usually follows a transactional logic.