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the virus causing poliomyelitis

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He urged the parents to make sure that their children vaccinated in the coming campaign to eradicate polio virus from the area.
She said Karachi was being termed as a high risk city in relation to polio virus as the world was voicing concerns over it.
No child is safe from the polio virus until no more polio virus exists on this planet.
Jean Marc Olive admired the coordinated and synchronized efforts made in recent campaigns against polio virus in FATA and said that it is a continuous process that will need similar kind of harmonized efforts to sustain success beyond current achievements.
Provincial home secretary Niaz Ali Abbasi told the meeting that about 900,000 Afghan and other refugees brought the polio virus in this southern province and the law and order situation was the key impediment to carry out the vaccination and eradication of the disease.
And it's as hard to get rid of, sometimes, as the polio virus was.
some cases being the result of Wild Polio Virus Type 1.
CDATA[ The polio virus has been found in Israel's water.
Eradication is possible because the polio virus requires a human host - unlike such viruses as influenza, it can't remain hidden and mutate to new forms in an animal reservoir.
A NEW polio vaccine is being introduced in the country from Sunday for eradication of the wild polio virus still circulating in some parts of the country.
While some countries are making substantial progress in reducing the transmission of wild polio virus, importations in other countries are occurring because of a failure to interrupt transmission in endemic countries such as Nigeria and India.
SCIENTISTS created a man-made version of the polio virus using a "recipe" found on the internet.
28 LANCET, Yoshida's team reports finding infectious polio virus in 29 samples of Japanese sewage and 3 samples of river water.
SIMI VALLEY - Along with three dozen other members of local Rotary Clubs, Anil Garg recently returned to his native India to inoculate millions of children against the polio virus.
He has been recognized for his initial leadership in creating The Rotary Foundation's PolioPlus Program, Rotary's worldwide effort to eradicate the polio virus.