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the virus causing poliomyelitis

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He also praised the work done by health workers with regard to prevention of polio virus and asked them to sustain the effort to make the country free of the childhood ailment.
Chairing a meeting to review Anti-Polio arrangements , the commissioner said as environmental water samples collected in January have tested positive for polio virus, polio vaccination must be carried out in are areas inhabited by Afghan refugees.
He said the meeting discussed how to prevent the further spread of the polio virus and decided to focus on the people who come from Peshawar and other parts of KP frequently to Rawalpindi and Islamabad.
Emphasizing on keen monitoring on Pak-Afghan bordering towns he said, unfortunately Pakistan-Afghanistan among the countries where polio virus still exist, and we have to make sure that all children being administrated with anti-polio drops while crossing the border.
Only Pakistan and Afghanistan are the countries in world where polio virus exists,' he said, adding, only one case of polio was reported in Balochistan
There have been some media reports that polio virus (P2 strain) has resurfaced in India for the first time in 5 years.
New Delhi: India plans to urgently immunise around 300,000 children against the crippling polio virus after a strain of the highly contagious disease was detected in sewage in the southern city of Hyderabad, the ministry of health said on Wednesday.
It is the primary responsibility of parents to get their children vaccinated regularly to save them from a lifetime of disability but many are reluctant to do so due to illiteracy and ignorance about the gravity of the polio virus.
India hasn't reported a case of the wild polio virus in three years, despite not long ago having more cases of polio than any other country in the world.
Polio Virus type 1," said June Kunugi, UNICEF special representative.
Initially there were 22 AFP cases that were being investigated as part of this cluster and out of ten of those cases they've isolated wild polio virus type 1.
Strains of the polio virus were detected for the first time at a sewage treatment plant in northern Israel on Tuesday, as the Health Ministry continued to push for the country-wide vaccination of children--a measure that has met with fear and objections from many parents.
The government has planned to set up polio vaccination counters at airports to ensure children leaving the country are vaccinated against the polio virus.
Pakistan is home to Wild Polio Virus (WPV) serotypes 1 and 3 and is last reservoir of WPV serotype 3 in Asia.
Eradication is possible because the polio virus requires a human host - unlike such viruses as influenza, it can't remain hidden and mutate to new forms in an animal reservoir.