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a camera that develops and produces a positive print within seconds

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As well as the Polaroid camera, Taylor added several developed photos with messages to star struck Jessica, one reading "Jessica, so it's quite possible that I went a little bit overboard when clothes shopping for you.
I began to research Polaroid cameras and the philosophy behind the company.
While he was not an amateur, Robert Mapplethorpe used a Polaroid camera for a number of his controversial art projects (Wolf, 2007).
To combat this necessary advancement as a commercial photographer, I reached back into history and grabbed the most monolithic format I could find, the 20x24 Polaroid camera.
PHOTOGRAPHS showing life on the road captured on a Polaroid camera by a top band's frontman have gone on display.
I've even heard of them having old Polaroid camera batteries" he said.
Maybe Gordon Brown should buy a thong, girdle and Polaroid camera.
We had the idea of leaving a Polaroid camera so guests could take a picture of themselves with a message, but do they even make them any more?
But above all, Mapplethorpe learned how to see photographically with the Polaroid camera.
The Polaroid camera was an iconic product but the development of digital photography consigned it to technology's dustbin.
Other highlights from the exhibition include some of Andy Warhol's Polaroid camera portraits.
A Polaroid camera Great currency and good for trading with locals to get whatever you need,
For additional information on the Polaroid Camera System visit: www.
Weatherly hoists the petite actress upon her character's desk as the string circles her neck and a Polaroid camera appears to immortalize her transgression as laughter echoes through the cavernous edifice.
Q: I have an early Polaroid camera and would like to know its value.