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spectacles that are darkened or polarized to protect the eyes from the glare of the sun

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Polarized sunglasses are indeed a step above nonpolarized glasses, he adds.
On Earth, light can become polarized by scattering off surfaces, such as a car or pond, causing the glare that polarized sunglasses are designed to reduce.
On Earth, sunlight is scattered by the atmosphere and becomes polarized, which is why polarized sunglasses help reduce glare.
Dymax Corporation has released 0C-t 3021, a UV-curable, optically clear, hard coating typically used in the manufacture of electronic touch-panels, polarized sunglasses, safety glasses and goggles, and LCD polarized displays.
The collections include the hottest styles and designs among the best of Aviators, Wayfarers, Rimless, Polarized sunglasses across all brands.
Bolle founder Steve Haber is an avid fisherman, leading him to focus on polarized sunglasses when he launched HaberVision in 2005 with a direct-to-consumer, online-only business model.
uk Polaroid Glide Comfort, style, strength, these polarized sunglasses have secure red rubber grips and a single lens mask and offer 100 per cent UV400 protection.
Polarized lenses are wonderful for reducing glare and for driving, but many LCD displays will appear completely blank through polarized sunglasses unless you turn your head 90 degrees.
RAY BAN wayfarers in tortoise, polarized sunglasses, $169 * Eye Works, 111 Colony Crossing, Ste.
It makes Maui Jim measurably better than ordinary polarized sunglasses.
Polarized sunglasses are seen as essential for any activity in or around the water as they eliminate glare reflecting off of the water's surface.
A rainbow's colour spectrum can best be seen with polarized sunglasses.
FishGillz is now the first supplier to offer a line of quality polarized sunglasses that float if dropped overboard, according to the company.
Don't forget your polarized sunglasses to block ultraviolet rays.
If you think you're likely to meet these conditions, then a pair of polarized sunglasses can be helpful.