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a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere

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Ruth Coughlan said: "Usually the location of the polar jet stream will determine if the summer is good or bad.
The first hypothesis that sounded plausible, published in 2012 in Geophysical Letters, blamed a slowing of the northern hemisphere's polar jet stream.
The fall climbing season on Everest was over, effectively ended by the arrival of the polar jet stream, which typically lingers at peak elevations until spring and halts climbing.
Exactly why he thinks this requires a basic understanding of natural phenomena called jet streams - long, flowing ribbons of air, one of which, The Polar Jet Stream, was held responsible for last summer's persistent cold and damp conditions.
The UK has experienced one of the wettest summers since records began due to the polar jet stream stubbornly remaining in southern latitudes.
At the boundaries between the cells are jet streams (the polar jet stream often shows up on weather maps of North America), which also play a part in our weather.
The warm air over the Arctic pushed the polar jet stream farther south, leading to freezing temperatures in the eastern U.
BBC Wales weather man Derek Brockway blamed the atrocious conditions on the polar jet stream, a ribbon of high-altitude high-speed wind, which steers weather in our direction.
This weather upturn is likely because the polar jet stream, which has looped southwards across the UK, looks like arching north into a position more typical of the summer.
When El Nino disappeared, the polar jet stream started to dominate.