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Six chapters will focus on polar regions, high mountain regions, sea level rise, changes to marine ecosystems and extreme weather events and risk mitigation.
This paper presents the argument that existing polar prediction systems do not yet meet users' needs and outlines possible ways forward in advancing prediction capacity in polar regions and beyond.
This environmental history the Arctic and Antarctica employs the exploration and exploitation of Polar Regions as a way to think about the history of imperialism and resistance to imperialism, and as a demonstration of how environmental perceptions are shaped by contests for political power.
Professor Donald Rothwell, ANU, opened this session, chaired by Peter Kennedy, by looking at how the Law of the Sea Convention interacts--or not--with the distinctive legal regimes of the polar regions.
The expedition is sponsored by the Mamont Foundation who aim to raise awareness of the importance of continued research, and exploration of polar regions.
LEGO(r) CITY also used the event to launch its Young Explorers' Campaign, in partnership with National Geographic Kids, in which children across the UK can design a piece of equipment or a vehicle that can be used to survive in the polar regions.
Washington, Apr 22 ( ANI ): Using a new way to measure past temperatures, scientists have claimed that parts of ancient Antarctica were as warm as today's California coast, and polar regions of the southern Pacific Ocean registered 21st-century Florida heat.
Some subjects examined include marine protected areas in the Arctic and the Southern Ocean, environmental assessments in the marine areas of the polar regions, Arctic and Antarctic fisheries management, and international regulation of polar shipping.
He further said the Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region is one of the most dynamic, diverse, and complexmountain and associated flood plains system in the world containing the largest repository of inland cryosphere outside the Polar Regions.
Al Ain: For many UAE residents a 15-hour fast is a challenge, especially in summer, but there are places in the polar regions where people fast for 18 hours.
Discover the secrets of the Earth's polar regions with the eye-opening, mind-blowing and heart-warming documentary series Frozen Planet.
Now, in the last of the series, David Attenborough investigates how rising temperatures will affect wildlife in the polar regions, and the rest of the planet.
ISTANBUL, Jan 28, 2011 (TUR) -- After years long debates on how prayer times would be determined in regions where there is no sunrise and sunset, the Chairman of Suleymaniye Foundation's Religious and Disposition Researches Center, Abdulaziz Bayindir, said Friday that prayer times in polar regions were determined in the same way they were determined in Turkey.
The concert also featured a score arranged and conducted by John Harle, who said: "Words like epic, poetic and dramatic spring to mind when imagining the polar regions and polar is an ode to these mysterious and monumental regions of the world.
For example, global warming theory suggests that most warming should occur in polar regions such as Alaska.