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fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle

any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand

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Since the legislation was introduced 888 has worked to build its business elsewhere, and was granted an online sports betting licence in Italy in December and, in February, signed an agreement with the owner of Rileys, the chain of 168 snooker, pool and poker clubs, which will see 888 support the Rileys website.
But Zinser is optimistic that he may be able to work with the city staff to massage the proposed ordinance enough to make it workable, and to keep local poker clubs in business.
And the game is becoming so popular, official poker clubs are being launched at universities across the region to meet the demand.
She hit the poker clubs 20 years ago when there were but two or three women in the room.
What makes ZOSOZ different from other online poker clubs is that we give away the most online poker tournament sweepstakes prizes annually -- daily $1,000 tournaments, weekly $10,000 tournaments, monthly $100,000 tournaments and a yearly $1 million tournament," said Tim Belisle, co-founder and president at ZOSOZ, LLC.
This is one of the largest poker clubs outside London, with a hugely loyal following, so it's a great foundation to build on.
McGregor has been the subject of lurid stories about his colourful love life as well as visits to casinos and poker clubs.
It also increased its takings by linking up with Riley's, the UK's biggest chain of snooker, pool and poker clubs.
In addition, two local poker clubs also offer games:
Norton and Damon did research for the film in New York poker clubs, and even entered the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.
Bluff Europe praised Dublin's lively and friendly poker scene, as well as the wealth of poker clubs and tournaments available to the poker playing public.