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a low-lying region of west central France on the Bay of Biscay

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There are only about 100 pure bred Poitous left in the world,'' he explained.
Annie said: "I phoned a lady in France looking to buy a llama, and ended up with two Poitou donkeys which I fell in love with.
Cannon Hall Farm has housed donkeys for the past 25 years but about eight years ago, they settled on the Poitou as their breed of choice.
All make full use of available printed and manuscript sources from Poitou, supplemented by outside evidence.
Part 3, Cousinages, contains three papers: Jean Ceard on "Rabelais, Tiraqueau et Manardo," Jean Hiernard on "Les Germani a l'Universite de Poitiers au temps de Rabelais," and Michel Cassan on famous writers from Poitou according to Pierre Robert (1589-1656).
CROSS The Phare Du Chassiron, Ile D'Oleron Poitou - Charentes, France; MAJESTIC Charente river and Courvoisier Distillery, Jarnac Poitou-Charentes, France
Meanwhile in France matters went from bad to worse for John and by the end of 1204 he had lost Normandy, Anjou and much of Poitou.
Golfers can choose from Brittany, Normandy, Western Loire, Poitou Charentes and Aquitaine, or combine them for a two-centre or more holiday.
However residents of provinces on the French mid-Atlantic coast (Normandy, Poitou, Aunis, Saintonge, and Angoumois) manifested exceptional dread of priestly hexes that rendered new grooms impotent and new households discordant.
But none is more celebrated than the as-yet-unnamed baby boy Poitou, a sort of donkey that was born Saturday, about a year after Davis Farmland co-owner Larry Davis brought the animal's parents to the farm.
Cleggy, the Poitou donkey and Cameron the llama were surprise arrivals when they were born within hours of each other on May 10.
By situating the complex interrelations of the two faiths in the region of Poitou in the broader context of state policy and ecclesiastical affairs, Sacred Boundaries enriches our understanding of the influence of religion on the formation of French national identity in the wake of the Wars of Religion.
She and her mate, Duke, are Poitou Donkeys, residents since the end of June at Davis Farmland.
The poets of the Puce anthology likewise celebrate the city where it was composed: many poems eulogize Catherine as the Muse of Poitou, the miracle of Poitiers, or the nymph of the local river, the Clain.