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the battle in 1356 in which the English under the Black Prince defeated the French

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The University of Poitiers wishes to build a building for the chemistry department of the IUT, on the campus of Poitiers, with an area of approximately 1,180 m 2 (SDO), including 5 labs and their associated premises (halls analysis, newsrooms, prep rooms, teacher and technician desks, logistics space).
A letter preserved as a local church treasure (says his 6th-century successor Venantius Fortunatus) to their thirteen-year-old daughter Abra so successfully drew her from earthly things to God's that she devoted her short life (342-360) to good works around Poitiers (Church Memorial: December 6).
The printed anthology preserves poems that had been read out loud in the Des Roches' house, as well as texts by other writers who took up the topic after hearing about the exchange in Poitiers or returning to Paris.
Major organization : GRAND POITIERS COMMUNAUT URBAINE (20006985400012)
Contract notice: complementary health transport services on site for poitiers university hospital
Contract notice: acquisition and installation of scientific equipment for the experimental hydrogeological site of the university of poitiers
Contract notice: road transport of biological products of human origin and laboratory reagents for the university hospital of poitiers
Contract notice:road transport of biological products of human origin and laboratory reagents for chu de poitiers
Contract award notice: Catering services for greater poitiers urban community and the city of poitiers (
Maintenance and upkeep of the fire safety systems of the poitiers university hospital for the miltrie site and for the nord hospital group vienne chtellerault hospital.
Contract notice:creation of a telemedicine unit in cardiology at chu de poitiers (supplies and associated services)
Contract notice: Intrusion alarm system call management of the city of poitiers, Greater poitiers urban community