Poisson distribution

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a theoretical distribution that is a good approximation to the binomial distribution when the probability is small and the number of trials is large

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Instead, the distribution of molecules per well followed the Poisson distribution (Figure 2, a and b), and the positive rates were analyzed with Poisson distribution statistics.
n] indeed come from the Poisson distribution with parameter [?
We use a Markov chain model based on the Poisson distribution for node distribution and velocity to optimize and validate the analytical model of the WSA interval, safety interval, SCH interval, and also the saturated throughput on the CCH and SCHs interval delay.
The parameter of the Poisson distribution, [lambda], represents the average number of the considered rare events per unit (of time, length, etc.
t] reflects a Poisson distribution with time-varying intensity [[theta].
With respect to the Poisson distribution fit, chi-square results greater than those of the negative binomial fit were obtained (Table 2), indicating the best fit of the negative binomial, confirmed by the aggregation indices.
Particularly, when p is the Poisson distribution with parameter [lambda], it follows that for every sufficiently small positive [DELTA] there exists a discrete probability distribution q, such that [DELTA] ([g.
n] obeys the Poisson distribution with the arriving rate [[lambda].
l] is given by a Poisson distribution (with mean [[beta].
51% of return for blood donation and 85% of blood deferral are zero, which is much more than the Poisson distribution contribution.
The response here is the frequency of women availing themselves of ANC, which is normally assumed to follow the Poisson distribution or negative binomial distribution.
The superficial inspection of Figures 1 and 3 reveals that the series of radioactive decay followed quite well a Poisson distribution.
In the Bayesian theory, it is found that the gamma distribution is a natural conjugate prior for the sampling from a Poisson distribution.