mushroom poisoning

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toxic condition caused by eating certain species of mushrooms (especially Amanita species)

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The yellow poisonous fungus was found in a pile of woodchip in Highgate Wood, North London.
The married couple ate the highly poisonous fungus while on holiday in central Italy and were rushed to a hospital in Bologna just hours after falling violently ill.
One was Ms Sasha Elterman, aged 18 at the time, who ingested a poisonous fungus.
Compared with the thrush, wild orchid and dormouse,it is unlikely that the other two remaining subjects in the set - a poisonous fungus and a flying insect - will send protesters rushing to the barricades.
The 63p top value of the set depicts the poisonous fungus, Devil's Bolete, which, despite its decline in breeding sites from 20 to five in the past century, still gives the UK the largest population of this fungi in Europe.