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Synonyms for spear

Synonyms for spear

a long pointed rod used as a tool or weapon

an implement with a shaft and barbed point used for catching fish

pierce with a spear

thrust up like a spear

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Then you got to go outside and throw those pointy sticks.
He was spotted after the last digging a pointy stick into the betting-ring tarmac and mouthing the words, 'good, good to soft in places'.
And last night here in Perth, it was the turn of ref Iain Brines to come at him with a big pointy stick.
The official kit for a clerk is a pointy stick and a labrador -you have to provide the thick skin yourself - and we are well equipped with both.
I always carry a shotgun and I always have at least two axes," he boasts before going off to catch a flounder with a pointy stick and failing dismally.
The cheeky silver fox kept chucking in one-liners about having had fifty quid on the night's football match, gleefully poking a pointy stick in the ribs of the antis, but still none of them could grasp the notion that it is possible to enjoy one of the nation's favourite pastimes without turning in to a slavering baby-butcherer.
He's poked the Tiger in the eye with a big pointy stick and now Woods is quietly sharpening his claws while he waits for his chance to pounce.
All those weeks she was in Spain she seemed never to give him a second thought - as she sat idly scratching Frankie Hearts Danny in the sand with a pointy stick.
The graphics are smooth - detailed tombstones, dead grass and here and there a discarded pointy stick dying to be used.
But, as we saw last week, it wasn't the toxic candles, the pointy stick or even, our favourite, the poison dart that did Jim in, but inmate Julie J with a sharpened chunk of ice.