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Synonyms for tangent

Synonyms for tangent

a straight line or plane that touches a curve or curved surface at a point but does not intersect it at that point

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ratio of the opposite to the adjacent side of a right-angled triangle

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The zero point is also a point of tangency, at zero input of factors.
There are interesting frictions and incongruities in these places and, often, if you stand at the point of tangency, you can see both sides better than if you were in the middle of either" (Fadiman, p.
Introducing borrowing and lending at the risk free rate defines the dominant portfolio along the Capital Market Line (CML), defined as the line with an intercept along the return axis at the risk free rate and intersecting with the opportunity set of the diversified portfolio at a point of tangency such that the CML has maximum return as a function of risk.
As drawn, Point C (the point of tangency of a hypothetical national budget line with the production possibility curve) represents the best mix of public and private goods and services because at this point the marginal return per dollar of investment is the same for public and private goods and services.
At the point of tangency, the optimal amount of insurance purchased is zero.
The point of tangency of the indifference curve and the efficient frontier represents the locus of the optimal portfolio at the given risk preference.
occurs at the point of tangency between these two curves--the point at which discounted lifetime earnings are maximized.
1) The mission history of nineteenth-century India, indisputably full of frictions and incongruities, suggests exactly that-standing at the point of tangency between Hinduism and Christianity could be transformative and sometimes was.
Starting from the point of tangency between the IMF's indifference curve and the government's reaction function, there exist unexploited mutual welfare gains for the IMF and the recipient government.
Domestic investment, inclusive of that part funded by foreign saving, rises to the point where the marginal product of capital, reflected in the slope of the dashed portion of the investment opportunities frontier in Figure 1, equals the prevailing world interest rate, as earlier specified in equation (8), at the point of tangency.