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Synonyms for pogrom

Synonyms for pogrom

the savage killing of many victims

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organized persecution of an ethnic group (especially Jews)

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Workers, Strikes, and Pogroms: The Donbass-Dnepr Bend in Late Imperial Russia, 1870-1905.
"Some of those on board were wealthy, such as Isidore Strauss, who was returning with his wife from a vacation in Europe to the United States, but there were also poor people who bought a one-way ticket to escape the pogroms."
Jarosaw Kaczynski's party wants to blur the memory of an important element of its own identity and to purge itself of a murky heritage of pogroms and denunciations.
It features the photographs of a photographer for the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople at the time of the pogroms, Dimitrios Kalumenos, who documented the destruction of churches in ystanbul in the aftermath of the pogroms.
He meticulously reviews primary and secondary sources to produce a comprehensive chronicle and critique both of the pogroms and of the reactions they provoked.
Known for an authoritarian leadership style, Modi's only expression of regret for the pogroms compared them to a car running over a puppy, while he labelled Muslim relief camps "baby-making factories".
The author grew up in a home where stories about his Eastern European ancestors escape from the pogroms of Russia were served at mealtime and led Joel to write "The Chaff," a novel of coming toAmerica.
"In its historical existence, Macedonians have gone through many exoduses, pogroms and immigrations but for the first time the reason for this are not wars and oppressors.
The Bolshevik revolution brought ferocious pogroms by anti-communist Cossacks (the Russo-KKK), white Russians and Ukrainian nationalists.
Nine papers explore such issues as Polish peasant pogroms against Jews, Polish judicial treatment of pogroms, Jewish-Christian relations in specific localities, and discourses of treason in Occupied Poland.
Sam Johnson, Pogroms, Peasants, Jews: Britain and Eastern Europe's "Jewish Question," 1867-1925.
Armenian neighbors during the Sumgait and Baku Pogroms in the closing years of the Soviet Union.
After a dark spell of pogroms broke out against the Jews in the 1880s and the ruling Hamans of St.
He had witnessed bloody pogroms against the Jews in Russia during his youth and knew what to expect from the Germans under Hitler.