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a soil that develops in temperate to cold moist climates under coniferous or heath vegetation

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Sandgren and Thompson (1990) considered that fire enhancement was responsible for the magnetic minerals in surface podzolic soils in central Poland.
Formation of the podzolic soil C11 from weathered gneiss rock under mosses is characterised by a strong decrease of O-alkyl-C and an increase of aromatic- and carboxyl-C units from the recent vegetation (mosses), and probably soil algae, within the humification process.
The soil was classified as a deep-surfaced podzolic soil (Stace et al.
Effect of N P K fertilisation on the chemistry of a yellow podzolic soil under Pinus radiata.
The preferred soils for cultivation were thick rendzinas, typical and lessive brown, pseudopodzolic and podzolic soils (Kokk 1995).
1961), microscopic fungi in the southern zone of calcareous chernozems occupy a smaller part than in the brown and podzolic soils.
In the Sub-Carpathian unit there are clay podzolic soils and wet meadow black soils that in slope and moisture conditions are affected by landslides.
Effect of crystalline iron oxides on development and classification of podzolic soils in Western Labrador, Newfoundland.
However, there is strong evidence in this study for the inference that the increase in deciduous tree populations was not consequent on soil type (podzolic or brown earth); rather, deciduous tree populations increased on podzolic soils and this increase was one of the triggering mechanisms responsible for the development of brown-earth soils.
The farm is located at about 120 [degrees] E, 31 [degrees] N in Yuhang County, Zhejiang Province, about an hour's drive NW of Hangzhou in rolling country of poor red podzolic soils.
Davey BG, Russell JD, Wilson MJ (1975) Iron oxide and clay minerals and their relation to colours of red and yellow podzolic soils near Sydney, Australia.
Biodegradation of low Molecular Weight Organic Acids in Coniferous Forest Podzolic Soils, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, 34: 1261-1272.
Within the investigated area the podzolic soils are mostly common, some kinds of boggy and water-logged soils are also to be found.