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Standardisation of oral care in a Japanese acute stroke [ward.sub.10] Status/condition Incidence rate before & after standardisation Aspiration pnuemonia 18.6% 13.4% (p=0.054) Febrile 37.1% 10.2% (p=0.000) Tracheotomy 18.6% 3.9% (p=0.023) Peg feeding 24.3% 11.8% (p=0.008) Improving ADL 60.0% 78.0% (p=0.008) Discharged to home 41.3% 63.8% (p=0.002) A p value of 0.05 or less indicates the change is statistically significant
pnuemonia (PTCC1053) were obtained from the Persian type culture collection.
We attributed it to volutrauma or barotraumas induced by mechanical ventilation in the absence of any other clear explanation because there was no invasive operation procedure before the CT scan several possible mechanism may contribute to it.Firstly severe pnuemonia might result in underlying pulmonary parenchymal pathologic changes and tissue destruction apt to rupture.
He contracted pnuemonia and had to have a tracheotomy operation to help his breathing.
Psychiatric nurse Bill - who had no health problems - died four days later after the deadly bug left him with pnuemonia.
The wild and often weird Duke had been left EUR210million when she was just 12 years old after her tobacco king father died of pnuemonia in 1924.
Prezza was taken ill on a train, shortly after a trip to the West Indies and spent over a week in a London hospital being treated for pnuemonia.