Pnom Penh

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the capital and largest city of Kampuchea

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En association avec un trio italien, un Tuniso-americain de 29 ans, Aymen Ghali, a ouvert, la semaine derniere, un restaurant du type [beaucoup moins que]Mestizo[beaucoup plus grand que] dans le quartier huppe de Boeung Trabek, a Pnom Penh, capitale du Cambodge.
This alert officer then tucks the clipping or tape in his pocket and, at the next meeting with his Assistant Secretary, say: "Did you see, sir, what came out of Pnom Penh yesterday?
The turmoil and fighting that followed the political events in Pnom Penh in July 1997 resulted in large displacements and destruction of infrastructure.
Los combates entre partidarios de los dos primeros ministros rivales en Camboya revelan que el breve experimento democratico, que costo miles de millones de dolares a la comunidad internacional, ha fracasado, coincidieron analistas y diplomaticos en Pnom Penh.
He was a surgeon and ran an orphanage in Pnom Penh.