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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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Gary Barnes, owner of Barnes Pneumatic Rifles, has nearly a four-year waiting list for his custom guns, some of which top $8,000.
Still a top seller for ARS is the potent AR6 pre-charged pneumatic rifle from South Korea.
This is still the case, as evidenced by the appearance last year of the RWS-Diana Model 100 single-stroke pneumatic rifle, the Steyr [CO.
The new M4-177 multi-pump pneumatic rifle is based on Crosman's iconic model 760 Pumpmaster rifle, which is the mainstay of the company.
This single-stroke pneumatic rifle boasts all the refinements sought by a serious world-class competitive shooter.
In fact, the Sheridan pneumatic rifle was considered one of the more accurate guns at that time, partly because its ammunition was so much more precise.
This is great consistency, especially for a pneumatic rifle that doesn't have a regulator.
Although some PCP enthusiasts may not realize it, modern PCP rifles trace their ancestry back to the tremendously powerful pneumatic rifles developed in Europe and England more than 200 years ago for hunting large game such as deer and wild boar.