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colony formed by the Pilgrims when they arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620

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Immediately in the first chapter, Allen uses Boston's Old Plymouth Colony Club as a microcosm for the birth of what would eventually become a movement that spread throughout British North America.
He then crosses the Atlantic and discusses the long-term impact of the separatist Plymouth colony on religious and civic governance in Massachusetts, before returning to England and considering the influence of this Atlantic republican tradition on mid-17th-century English religious and political upheavals.
In keeping with its religious viewpoint, the Plymouth Colony prescribed the death penalty for adulterers, homosexuals and witches, whipping for those who denied the scriptures and fines for anyone harboring a Quaker.
The County of Plymouth, Massachusetts, was established on June 2, 1685, by the General Court of Plymouth Colony.
Forty years ago John Demos' A Little Commonwealth: Family Life in Plymouth Colony (1970) helped shift the emphasis in early New England Studies from the Puritan mind to the Puritan body.
From Thomas Morton, who broke away from Plymouth Colony to found Merrymount (a place where same-sex desire, atheism, and interracial marriage were accepted and welcome), to how World War II drastically changed gender roles, to how organizations championing gay and lesbian rights such as ACT UP helped spread awareness of the HIV and AIDS epidemics when the Reagan administration was far too silent, A Queer History of the United States lives up to its title and is an absolutely invaluable addition to American History as well as LGBT Studies shelves.
William Bradford, long-time governor of Plymouth Colony, owned the 1608 version, which he mentions in his memoir Of Plymouth Plantation, citing the page number where the Dutch law establishing civil marriage is found.
Milking Devon: In 1623 two Devon heifers and a bull where shipped to Plymouth Colony in America from Devonshire England, to be used as draft animals.
The man from Droitwich was one of America's founding fathers, a veteran of the Plymouth Brethren and governor of the Plymouth Colony.
THE first American Thanksgiving is generally believed to have been in Plymouth Colony in October of 1681, when William Bradford and the Pilgrims gathered with local Indians to give thanks for survival and the first harvest - roughly around the same time as the Miami Dolphins last won an NFL game.
Over eight percent of the males in Plymouth Colony would perish in the war.
1620: The Pilgrims sail from England and establish Plymouth Colony in what today is Massachusetts.
Despite the inclusion of uniquely American ingredients such as corn and cranberries, the food prepared for the three-day harvest celebration at Plymouth Colony, in what we now consider the first Thanksgiving, likely was derived more from British middle-class cookery than American influences, maintains Kelly A.
Jamestown's Virginia Company employed Captain John Smith, a seasoned veteran of numerous European wars, while the Plymouth Colony relied upon Captain Miles Standish for military guidance.
The population of Plymouth Colony at the time was about 200, and there were only seven people at Morton's trading post: Morton eventually left the New England colonies (although he kept returning): Plymouth, achieving neither great population nor significance, got amalgamated into Massachusetts Bay.
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