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of or relating to or characteristic of Hades or Tartarus

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Hills said: "Plutonian is in good nick and the ground should be okay.
The rare Plutonian air hosts strong breezes, but what generates the initial force to lift the small particles of methane snow that seem to be forming these drifts?
While unreservedly recommended for community and academic library Philosophy collection in general, and Plutonian supplemental studies reading lists in particular, it should be noted for students and non-specialist general readers with an interest in the subject that "Plato's Statesman: Dialectic, Myth, and Politics" is also available in a Kindle format ($69.30).
The NASA team thinks the tholin particles form high in the Plutonian atmosphere, where what ultraviolet sunlight from over three billion miles away that washes the planet, breaks down and ionizes nitrogen and methane molecules.
"Tell me what thy earthly name is on the Night's Plutonian shore!" Quoth the maiden, "Redemption."
Pluto is considered the god of mining, but whether Gale would want a "Plutonian" platform is questionable.
usical LIGHTING OF THE section of the 6 accompaniment TORCH & CLOSING piece composed "PLUTONIAN for Allen for the 1984 ODE" Ginsberg's Olympic Games.
Although Throop's team have yet to spot any sign of a Plutonian ring system, these observations will continue until New Horizons takes a look for itself in just three years time.
"X," surely, I recognized, not only from algebra class and pirate maps, but from that same Plutonian poet Stevens: "The vital, arrogant, fatal, dominant X" of "The Motive for Metaphor," territory familiar even to me, if still incomprehensible.
Malkovich has suggested over the years, via the elegance of such films like "Object of Beauty" or 'The Sheltering Sky," or even through the clearly mad inventions of the recent "Colour Me Kubrick," that there's so much going on inside the mind of Malkovich that a trip there would be a kaleidoscopic, fully catered bus ride to a Plutonian artists colony.
unexplored reserves of gold, oil, Plutonian wealth, and the prospect of creating yet another subhuman class of workers to extract it.
In another passage infused with gothic imagery, Scott writes, So much that is done to you as a child is done in the dark--your own darkness, and an equally Plutonian shadow in other minds!