Plott hound

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a brindle-coated American hound used in hunting bears and wild boars

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All Hounds on Deck rescues five specific breeds, and Plott Hound is one of them.
At first I thought Cora, the slightly overweight Plott hound, was merely along for the ride, but it did not take long for me to discover how seriously she took her job.
The former was historically used in packs, sometimes with plott hounds, to chase and encircle a moose, allowing hunters to catch up and dispatch it; the latter is a hyperactive bird dog currently trained to flush capercaille, the biggest game bird and most prized avian trophy of Eurasia.
Bosowicz uses plott hounds, a breed he has helped to define, and for which he has won numerous awards.
Girl and Sugar, our two Plott hounds, protect our domestic breeding stock by keeping the boars away, both with their presence and their instinctual trait of going after big game.