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a brindle-coated American hound used in hunting bears and wild boars

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Plott & Kathryn Zeiler, The Willingness to Pay-Willingness to Accept Gap, the "Endowment Effect," Subject Misconceptions, and Experimental Procedures for Eliciting Valuations, 95 AM.
All Hounds on Deck from Lincoln, NE spotted a post about Jackie on All Hounds Rescue Network and recognized her as a Plott Hound.
Plott begins by outlining the four-component parameter space of theoretical models: "a commodity space, preferences over that commodity space, a subset of the commodity space called a feasible set of outcomes, and institutions.
Plott, 2014, Misconceptions and Game Form Recognition: Challenges to Theories of Revealed Preference and Framing, Journal of Political Economy, 122(6): 1235-1270.
21) Jointly, these findings along with the work of Plott and Zeiler (2005, 2007) suggest that subjects in novel situations make use of available cues to help inform valuations.
Among these are Erikson and Wlezien (2012), Rhode and Strumpf (2004), Berg, Nelson, and Rietz (2008), Stout and Kline (2011), Morgan and Stocken (2008) and Sinclair and Plott (2012).
Siguiendo a PLOTT (1979), el proceso de sustraccion o uso del recurso se denomina apropiacion, por lo tanto, los prestadores de servicios son apropiadores del sistema de recurso sendero.
Lei, Noussair, and Plott (2001) stated that noise trader move the market.
The former was historically used in packs, sometimes with plott hounds, to chase and encircle a moose, allowing hunters to catch up and dispatch it; the latter is a hyperactive bird dog currently trained to flush capercaille, the biggest game bird and most prized avian trophy of Eurasia.
Indeed, despite the arbitrary nature of WTP expressed in some settings, there is evidence to suggest that people are able to discover their preferences if given the opportunity to gain experience and receive feedback (Plott 1996; Plott and Zeiler 2005).
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They reference articles by Charles Plott in the American Economic Review that echo the claim of Stein that the results of the experiments are the product of the subjects' inability to understand the instructions of the experiment rather than inherent cognitive limitations.
Summary: When Sean Plott was 15, he and his older brother, Nick, begged their mother to .