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a brindle-coated American hound used in hunting bears and wild boars

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This institution is known for its competitive properties even with a small number of traders, and ample evidence exists that collusion is hard to maintain with these trading rules (Clauser and Plott 1993; Isaac, Ramey, and Williams 1984).
When Sean Plott was 15, he and his older brother, Nick, begged their mother to fly them from Kansas to Los Angeles for a video game tournament.
However, when the experimenters introduce new financial instruments and changes in the rules of the simulated market, bubbles reappear, even with experienced players in repeated games (Hussam, Porter, and Smith 2008; Plott 2008; Haruvy, Lahav, and Noussair 2007; a Noussair and Powell 2010).
In one case the High Court made a winding up order against Plott UK and approved the appointment of a liquidator who will now identify, realise, and distribute the company's assets to its creditors.
But despite its seemingly necessary usage in economics to mean 'maximization or consistency' (1), some authors such as Charles Plott observed that the concept of rationality 'lacks scientific precision and as a result is a source of needless controversy and misunderstandings' (1).
Many experimental economics studies have examined trading behavior and pricing in laboratory asset markets, including Plott and Sunder (1988) and Forsythe and Lundholm (1990).
Variations of the following general convergence model (1) were estimated to describe the data and allow for statistical comparisons (Ashenfelter and Genesove 1992; Noussair, Plott.
Larry let loose his two favorite hounds, a Plott named Rowdy and a bluetick named Drifter.
The relationship between WFO and PM is becoming increasingly important as contact center leaders are urged to improve agent performance feedback and more effectively evaluate its impact on the contact center overall," says Troy Plott, product manager, Interactive Intelligence.
Experiments with relatively large losses are Guth & Tietz (1986), who auctioned the positions of ultimatum bargainers before letting the auction winners play the game, and Lind & Plott (1991).
Plott & Kathryn Zeiler, Exchange Asymmetries Incorrectly Interpreted as Evidence of Endowment Effect and Prospect Theory?
Lunch at a local diner with poet, John Lee, short story writer and ex-wrestling coach, Glynn Leyshon, and Bill Plott, a newspaper reporter, if my memory serves me correctly.
In his book, The Art of Political Manipulation, William Riker discusses at length a famous experiment by Charles Plott and Michael Levine in which they manipulated, largely through agenda control, a flying club they belonged to into adopting precisely the fleet of airplanes they desired.
Casari and Plott (2001) have an excellent experimental paper demonstrating how human vices such as spite might be harnessed to improve outcomes.