Plymouth Colony

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colony formed by the Pilgrims when they arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620

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The next day we spent quite a bit of time at Plimouth Plantation, soaking in the history re-created there.
Take a ferry across to Martha's Vineyard and don't miss Plimouth Plantation - a recreated pilgrim fathers village (www.
The Plimouth Plantation recreates life for Carver and those early settlers, right down to the clothes the actors wear as they make furniture and tend their animals.
Down the road there is a graphic reminder of the way things were at the recreated Pilgrim village of Plimouth Plantation, which not only uses the original spelling of the name but also brings to life the basic conditions they experienced.
According to the Plimouth Plantation, a living history museum in Massachusetts, the only known record of the food eaten that day among the Pilgrims and the Wampanoags, the original Americans, puts seasonal wild fowl - including turkeys, ducks and geese - and venison brought by the Wampanoag on the table.
As Ruland and Bradbury describe William Bradford's diary, Of Plimouth Plantation, which was completed in 1650 though not published until 1856, it "testifies repeatedly to the shortcomings of the sons when measured by the dreams of their fathers.