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removal of fluid from the chest by centesis for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes

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During the second session, conducted a week later, they were trained for the remaining 4 techniques: 1) chest tube insertion, 2) pleural tap, 3) insertion of central venous pressure line, and 4) arthrocentesis.
He added that: "We here conduct pulmonary function test, ultrasound chest and guided procedures like pleural tap pleural biopsy, close and open lung biopsy which provides round-the-clock service to patients.
The postoperative period was complicated by hypertension, left pleural effusion and bronchospasm, managed by nitroglycerine infusion, pleural tap and aminophylline infusion, respectively.
Other investigations includes pleural tap fluid was studied for gram staining, microscopy cytology biochemical analysis including protein estimation, pleural culture and antibiotic sensitivity pattern.
An ascitic and pleural tap was negative for malignant cells and a mantoux was negative.
Chest x-ray revealed left sided haziness in all zones, ultrasound chest revealed massive fluid collection in left pleural space but pleural tap done through ultrasound guidance was dry tap.