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Collecting ducts that anastomose before interacting with the cloaca or Wolffian ducts (character 2, state 1) either evolved twice on the branches leading to the Ambystomatidae + Dicamptodontidae + Salamandridae and Amphiumidae + Plethodontidae, or once on the branch leading to the Ambystomatidae + Dicamptodontidae + Salamandridae + Rhyacotritonidae + Amphiumidae + Plethodontidae with a reversal on the branch leading to the Rhyacotritonidae.
Mas de la mitad de las especies fueron colectadas por debajo de los 50 cm, mientras que Hylidae, Strabomantidae y Plethodontidae ocuparon alturas superiores a los 150 cm.
Zona Baja Brachycephalidae 7% Plethodontidae 3% Leptodactylidae 4% Leiuperidae 30% Bufonidae 18% Dendrobatidae 3% Hylidae 35% Zona Media Brachycephalidae 54% Leptodactyidae 4% Aromobatidae 14% Bufonidae 6% Centrotoleridae 4% Dendrobatidae 2% Hylidae 10% Leiuperidae 6% Zona Alta Brachycephalidae 71% Hemiphractidae 1% Aromobatidae 4% Centrotoleridae 3% Dendrobatidae 20% Leptodactylidae 1%
A fragmented sacral vertebra (SEKI-20165) is identified as Plethodontidae genus et species indeterminate.
Northeastern Alabama supports a high diversity of salamanders, approximately twenty-eight species represented by five families (Ambystomidae, Crytobranchidae, Plethodontidae, Proteidae, and Salamandridae).
princeps X CORYTOPHANIDAE Basiliscus gaieritus x X X HOPLOCERIDAE Enyalioides heterolepis x X X X TEIIDAE Ameiva bridgessi x X X GYMNOPHTALMIDAE Echinosauria horrida X X ANFIBIOS CAECILIDAE Caecilia nigricans X PLETHODONTIDAE Bolitoglossa biseriata X Oedipina complex X X DENDROBATIDAE Epipedobates boulengeri X X X X LEPTODACTYLIDAE Eleutherodactylus rosadoi X E.
Frequency of Taxon n Occurrence (%) Amphibia Plethodontidae Eurycea cirrigera 1 2.
However, the stream-dwelling salamanders of the family Plethodontidae use larval habitats that are less variable in both food and temperature regimes than the extremely ephemeral and high productivity pools and ponds where the typical larval amphibian may be found.
This form of interference competition may be widespread among salamanders as well, especially species of the family Plethodontidae (reviewed by Mathis et al.
Neontological inferences of evolutionary pattern and process in the salamander family Plethodontidae.
An unusual two-lined salamander, Eurycea bislineata (Amphibia, Urodela, Plethodontidae) and its implications regarding developmental mechanism of the striped pattern in the Plethodontidae.
Comparison of the symbiotic fauna of the family Plethodontidae in the Ouachita Mountains of western Arkansas.
tigrinum tigrinum Eastern tiger salamander X X X Unisexual Ambystoma X X X Plethodontidae Hemidactylium scutatum Four-toed salamander X X Plethodon cinereus Red-backed salanuuulrr X X X Proteidae Necturus maculosus Mudpuppy X Salamandridae Notophthalmus Eastern newt X X X viridescens viridescens Anura Bufonidae Bufo americanus American toad X X X B.
Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders) is the largest family of salamanders, containing 27 genera in two subfamilies (Desmognathinae and Plethodontinae; Dunn 1926; Petranka 1998).