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A Bidder's duct is lost on the branch leading to the Amphiumidae + Plethodontidae + Rhyacotritonidae.
Non-anastomizing collecting ducts (character 2, state 0) were recovered as the ancestral state for salamanders, and collecting ducts that do anastomose (character 2, state 1) may have evolved independently on the branches leading to the Ambystomatidae + Dicamptodontidae + Salamandridae and Amphiumidae + Plethodontidae clades.
The Cryptobranchidae + Hynobiidae, Ambystomatidae Dicamptodontidae + Salamandridae, and Proteidae lineages possess a Bidder's duct, while this characteristic is lacking on the branches leading to the Sirenidae and Amphiumidae + Plethodontidae + Rhyacotritonidae.
The lack of posterior ventral glands (character 11, state 0) was recovered as the ancestral state of salamanders and these glands (character 11, state 1) may have evolved independently on the branches leading to the Proteidae and Ambystomatidae + Dicamptodontidae + Salamandndae + Rhyacotritonidae + Amphiumidae + Plethodontidae.
2010), Amphiumidae (Baker, 1945), Plethodontidae (Strickland, 1966), and Salamandndae (Francis, 1934; Baker, 1965).
Taxon Mod 25-30 35-40 AMPHIBIA, CAUDATA Plethodontidae cf.
Smilisca phaeota Leptodactylidae Leptodactylus ventrimaculatus Microhylidae Ranidae Nelsonophryne aterrima Lithobates vaillanti Pristimantis achatinus Strabomantidae Pristimantis labiosus Caudata Pristimantis latidiscus Pristimantis parvillus Plethodontidae Bolitoglossa biseriata Bolitoglossa medemi Oedipina parvipes Gymnophiona Caeciliidae Caecilia guntheri TOTAL 12 27 Orden Ind.
Phylogenetic and taxonomic issues relating to salamanders of the family Plethodontidae.
tigrinum (Green), tiger salamander I Family Salamandridae (newts) Notophthalmus viridescens (Rafinesque), eastern new I Family Plethodontidae (lungless salamanders) Aneides aeneus (Cope & Packard), green salamander SE Desmognathus fuscus (Green), northern SE dusky salamander Eurycea cirrigera (Green), two-lined salamander C, S E.
This tapeworm appears to show little host specificity and a wide geographic range as it has now been reported to infect six members of the family Plethodontidae and two members of the family Salamandridae (Table 1) in various states, primarily in the upper Midwest and eastern United States.
Family/Host species Location Reference Plethodontidae Eurycea bislineata New York Fischthal (1955) E.