Plethodon vehiculum

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salamander of the Pacific coast of North America

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Plethodon vehiculum (n = 104) comprised >60% of all salamanders (n = 164) and amphibians (total n = 172) captured.
Plethodon vehiculum abundances in no-buffer clear-cut treatments were lower than their abundances in patch treatments in the harvest year and in the post2 year, and were also lower than in the controls in the final year, but no differences in abundances occurred in the post1 year (Fig.
Key words: British Columbia, mitochondrial DNA, Oregon, phylogeography, Plethodon vehiculum, Washington, Western Red-backed Salamander
Plethodon vehiculum (Western Red-backed Salamander) is the most abundant and widespread terrestrial salamander in the PNW (Brodie 1970; Corkran and Thoms 2006) and is found in a variety of forested areas (Fig.
A total of 61 Plethodon vehiculum tissue samples were collected from 16 localities (Fig.
Abbreviations as shown in Table 2 Species Reference Food Resources Other Plethodon vehiculum Ovaska, 1988 [P] DS HB Family Iguanidae Case, 1978 [P, C] PD Anolis aeneus Stamps, 1973 [P] DS, QN Urosaurus ornatus M'Closkey et al.
Reproductive biology and population structure of the western red-backed salamander, Plethodon vehiculum (Cooper).
The ecological relations of sympatry in Plethodon dunni and Plethodon vehiculum.