Plethodon cinereus

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common salamander of eastern North America

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Effects of roads on patterns of genetic differentiation in red-backed salamanders, Plethodon cinereus.
Environmental factors influencing local distribution and activity of the salamander, Plethodon cinereus.
viridescens Red-spotted newt W Plethodon cinereus N.
tigrinum, Hemidactylium scutatum, Plethodon cinereus, Necturus maculosus, Notophtalmus viridescens, Bufo americanus, Hyla chrysoscelis, H.
The red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus cinereus body length ranges from 57 mm to 92 mm (Conant, 1975).
Plethodon cinereus, which is widely distributed in forests throughout eastern North America (Highton 1972), surrounds each of the three isolates of P.
Highton (1959) successfully used this method for determining inheritance of coloration in the red backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus.
Wyman (1998) estimated a population of Plethodon cinereus in New York could consume 1.
tigrinum, Notophthalmus viridescens, Plethodon cinereus, P.
Manitou Notophthalmus viridescens X X X Plethodon cinereus X X X X X Ambystoma laterale X X X Ambystoma maculatum X X Bufo americanus X X X X X X Hyla versicolor X Pseudacris crucifer X X* X X X Rana catesbeiana X X Rana clamitans X X X X Rana sylvatica X X Rana pipiens X X Chelydra serpentina X X X Chrysemys picta X X X X Thamnophis sirtalis X X X X X Thamnophis sauritus X X Nerodia sipedon X X X X X Storeria dekayi X Storeria occipitomaculata X X X Diadophis punctatus X X X X Liochlorophis vernalis X Lampropeltis triangulum X X X X Species Islands S.
Highton (1960) reached a similar conclusion about the cause of geographic variation in number of trunk vertebrae in another plethodontid, Plethodon cinereus.
The large genome size of Plethodon cinereus (Sessions and Larson 1987) has thus far blocked attempts at nuclear DNA fingerprinting to determine dispersion of adult-juvenile kin on the forest floor.
Resource allocation and life history traits of Plethodon cinereus at different elevations.