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Voucher specimens for Trachemys scripta elegans (SJCZC R322) and Plethodon cinereus (SJCZC A350) were deposited in the Saint Joseph's College zoological collection in Rensselaer, Indiana.
Plethodon glutinosus is a medium-sized, strictly terrestrial salamander that is geographically distributed from the southern sections of New York southward to the north central sections of Florida, including statewide distribution in Alabama (Mount 1975).
Atrazine and Info-disruption: Does the Pesticide Atrazine Disrupt the Transfer of Chemical Information in the Terrestrial Salamander, Plethodon shermanp.
The cr of other plethodontids is greater, illustrating their long, slender vertebrae: Plethodon (2.
Those that were found at 4 sites were 2 caudate species (Ambystoma texanum, Plethodon electromorphus [formerly P.
Plethodon cinereus (Green, 1818), Eastern Red-backed Salamander (I, II, III, IV)
The Plethodon Shenandoah resembles a lizard on first glance, but its skin is moist and lacks scales.
The researchers studied the red-backed salamander Plethodon cinereus.
19, 2002) (referring to the Junaluska salamander as a "(Federal) Species of Concern"); Virginia Fish and Wildlife Information Service, Status for (020039) Salamander, Peaks of Otter Plethodon hubrichti, available at http://vafwis.
ABSTRACT--The discovery of two specimens of Plethodon serratus Grobman from DeSoto Parish indicates a range extension for the species in Louisiana.
The red-backed salamander, Plethodon cinereus cinereus body length ranges from 57 mm to 92 mm (Conant, 1975).
tigrinum, Notophthalmus viridescens, Plethodon cinereus, P.
Species of Plethodon are among the most abundant vertebrates in North American forests (Burton and Likens, 1975; Hairston, 1987; Petranka, 1998) and they play a vital role in breakdown of litter by regulating communities of invertebrates (Wyman and Hawksley-Lescault, 1987; Wyman, 1998; Walton and Steckler, 2005).