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Mots cles: plectrophane des neiges, Plectrophenax nivalis, plectrophane lapon, Calcarius lapponicus, hybride aviaire, passereau de l'Arctique
The family Calcariidae consists of the genera Cakarius, Rhyncophanes, and Plectrophenax, forming a highly supported evolutionary group or "clade" composed of three sub-clades: a "collared" longspur clade of Calcarius lap-ponicus, ornatus, and pictus; a "snow bunting" clade comprising two Plectrophenax species (nivalis and hyper-boreus); and one Rhyncophanes longspur species (mccow-nii) (Klicka et al:, 2003; Alstrom et al.
2003) have still suggested considering that the entire Caleariusl Plectrophenax clade be collapsed down to the older generic epithet Calcarius, splitting C.
Snowy owl harfang des neiges Nyctea scandiaca 18 Short-eared owl hibou des marais Asio flammeus 29 Common raven grand corbeau Corvus corax 26 Horned lark alouette hausse- Eremophila 82 col alpestris American pipit pipit d'Amerique Anthus rubescens 100 American tree bruant hudsonien Spizella arborea 88 sparrow Savannah sparrow bruant des pres Passerculus 85 sandwichensis White-crowned bruant a couronne Zontrichia 53 sparrow blanche leucophrys Lapland longspur bruant lapon Calcarius 100 lapponicus Snow bunting bruant des neiges Plectrophenax 26 nivalis Common/hoary sizerin flamme/ Carduelis flammea/ 32 redpoll blanchatre hornemanni TABLE 2.
Other species recorded near the ship and at field camps were black-bellied plover, Baird's sandpiper, red phalarope, arctic tern, and snow bunting Plectrophenax nivalis.
Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis (French: Bruant des neiges; Inuktitut: Kopenuak or Qupeloraarsuk): Common breeder.
Snow Bunting Plectrophenax nivalis: CAIRN COVE: Many fledged broods were seen during 21-27 July 1975.