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a blind for privacy or to keep out light

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If you want a softer, more textured appearance than miniblinds, pleated shades are a good choice.
ID Top Opening Opening Code Attachment Product Condition (in) (in.) 1 Miniblind (1) Closed 0.188 0.188 2 Miniblind 45[degrees] 0.188 0.188 3 Pleated shade 0.125 0.100 4 Vertical blind (1) Closed 0.125 0.125 5 Vertical blind 45[degrees] 0.125 0.125 6 Roller shade (solid) Closed 0.500 0.188 7 Cellular shade 0.188 0.188 8 Ext.
By 1989, Duette had captured about 60 percent of the pleated shade market, and Hunter Douglas became the leading company in the window covering industry.
A very nice glass Aladdin with a white pleated shade will cost about $100.
"There's no clutter and not much to clean or maintain." For window treatments Biggs used disappearing pleated shades. The generous roof overhangs that the Zimmermans provided mean that the interiors enjoy just the right amount of direct sunlight all during the year.
For example pleated shades have the horizontal look of blinds and stack like blinds, but they are made of continuous fabric like shades.
There are beige striped walls, marble-effect lamps, pleated shades and a sensible blue carpet that must be splendid at hiding the dirt but looks as if it might just smell.
Consumers can also order special tie-downs for cords on vertical blinds, draperies and pleated shades.
Thin-profile pleated shades can also be dropped to cut glare and further insulate the glazing.
"It'll cut costs for the retailer and allow the retailer to stock three times the amount of product in the same amount of space." In contrast to the old plastic pleated shades, Cheyenne's new technology applies to high-end shades, Fletcher said.
In more traditional shade shapes, Bone Simple Design used textured fabrics in its grand-scale pleated shades.
The bases are offered in a variety of styles that are selling in the market, from traditional brass to contemporary silver leaf and gold leaf; from candlestick to birdcage designs and pleated shades and string shades.
Roger Woodhour, president of RollEase Inc., a manufacturer of components for the operation of window coverings, said, "We are currently taking three proac- tive measures: We are going to attach to our components safety and warning tags which are not to be removed by anybody other than the consumer; we are attaching to every cord an additional label that warns of the potential dangers of cords, and we are also offering another operational system -- Nu-Twist --which will operate either horizontal or cellular, pleated shades using a single wand device.
Today, it is often described as rich, lushly colorful and sophisticated, and it is widely used and in demand for home-furnishings categories from upholstery to bedding to pleated shades.